Chinese rubbings in the Bodleian Library

During the 1990s Jean-Pierre Drège of the École pratique des hautes études in Paris was engaged in a project to survey and catalogue the Chinese rubbings (taben 拓本, also known as "ink-squeezes") in European libraries. When he came to Oxford I gave him access to all the rubbings in our collections known to me at that time.

His catalogue of them is here, and they are also integrated into the site Estampages chinois conservés en Europe, which gives access to the holdings of the seven institutions surveyed to date.

Inevitably, his catalogue is incomplete, partly because at the time of his visit I had failed to identify everything in our collections, but also because over the past 25 years there have been significant additions, notably among the books bequeathed to us by Piet van der Loon in 2003.

My complete handlist of our holdings is here. All the fatie have now been integrated into the Serica Project, and work is underway to deal with the rest.

David Helliwell
11 June 2023