Bonsey manuscripts

MS.Chin.a.24(1) anti-Christian tract
MS.Chin.a.24(2) couplets based on the names of various Hankow missionaries, including G. John and A. Bonsey
MS.Chin.a.24(3) 3-9: Copies of leaves (some with illustrations) from the anti-Christian work The cause of the riots in the Yangtse valley a complete picture gallery (Hankow, 1891)
MS.Chin.a.24(10) boat hire contract for G. John and A. Bonsey, 1894
MS.Chin.a.24(11) travel permit for A. Bonsey, 1887
MS.Chin.a.24(12) travel permit for A. Bonsey, 1889
MS.Chin.a.24(13) travel permit for A. Bonsey, 1897
MS.Chin.c.45 wooden tablet with text bearing the title「水源木本」; 33 x 21cm
MS.Chin.d.77 three unidentified official documents concerning A. Bonsey, each in an envelope; 1: env+1f, 25cm; 2: env+1f, 26cm; 3: 光緒二十八年[1902], env+1f, 27cm
MS.Chin.d.78 miscellaneous documents concerning A. Bonsey; 12 leaves, 26 cm; 11 items, 10 on single leaves, 1 with 2 leaves
MS.Chin.e.29 15 letters to A. Bonsey; 1: from 盧玉麟 Lu Yulin, 1922, env+1f; 2: env+1f; 3: env+2f; 4: env+1f; 5: from 楊鈞國 Yang Junguo, 1f; 6: 1921, env+1f; 7: from 楊鈞國 Yang Junguo, 1920, env+3f; 8: 1921, env+1f; 9: 1921, env+1f; 10: 1921, env+1f; 11: from Chen Wenshan 陳文珊, env+2f+card; 12: from 袁佑基 Yuan Youji, 1922, env+1f+env; 13: from 朱培敘 Zhu Peixu (?), 1921, env+1f; 14: letter on offical 河南 Henan writing paper, 2f; 15: env+1f. (The printed anti-footbinding tract Sinica ???? was found in the envelope of MS.Chin.e.29/3)
Sinica 6422 7-syllable evangelical Protestant couplets, 1 fasc.